Impact of covid on inctus

Impact of covid on inctus


Few people recognize pre-stroke signs. In minutes, it can destroy part of the brain and have permanent consequences if not treated in time.

Let’s get started, what is a stroke?

A stroke is cerebral infarction or cerebrovascular accident is a sudden blockage in the cerebral circulation through the arteries of a certain area of ​​the brain, that is, it is a term that is used to refer to any type of acute cerebrovascular pathology

\\\"ictus\\\"Stroke 50% of people do not recognize stroke symptoms and do not call the health services in time to save a life. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health can mark a before and after.

Thus, what happened with the pandemic has been that the organizational changes of hospitals in the face of the SARS-Co2 pandemic have modified the dedication of human resources and infrastructures of neurology units and stroke care circuits, performance of diagnostic tests, admission of patients and follow-up.

Secondly, many experts from around the world point out that the aftermath of Covid-19 is similar to the aftermath of a stroke. They also continue to investigate the hypothesis that some patients who have been discharged without any brain or neurological symptoms may develop them later.

Even so, it does not seem that stroke is one of the main complications of the coronavirus, but it has the ability to produce it, since by clotting the blood it favors the appearance of thrombi and increases the risk of experiencing a stroke. For this reason it is important that we control the symptoms and monitor any signs that may seem abnormal to us.

IOON wants to reduce these dire numbers by ensuring an immediate response, allowing people to be seen on time. Because time is brain.

With our project, Ioon begins the first Spanish ehealth wearable with which it will be possible to monitor the heart rate and perform tests to detect possible arrhythmias. We are talking about OON Watch, join the fight for stroke prevention.

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