Game Changers 2021

10 technologies that could change the world


Through the report made by CB Insights we present the ten Game-Changers que podrían cambiar el mundo.

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Informe extraído de CB Insights


Therefore, today we want to share with you the ten Game-Changers that CB Insights has proposed for this year 2021, including technologies capable of changing the world.

  1. Green hydrogen. An alternative to reduce emissions through the generation of hydrogen from a chemical process called electrolysis.
  2. Protein fermentation. Production of non-animal proteins for incorporation into food and beverages.
  3. Research and development in outer space. Gravity reduction has been shown to be very beneficial in some fields such as biotechnology.
  4. Bioprinting. This technology allows the creation of biological tissue that could lead to the creation of organs.
  5. Environmental intelligence. Creation of electronic environments sensitive to the presence of people and therefore capable of interacting with them.
  6. Artificial intelligence applied to education. Personalize the education of each individual based on their interests to improve the professionals of the future.
  7. Replacement of advertisements produced by cookies. Use artificial intelligence to show ads based on page content rather than search history.
  8. Preserve data privacy. Transform sensitive data with AI to enable data analysis without exposing sensitive information
  9. New asset ownership models. Creation of markets to invest in alternative properties such as works of art or collector’s vehicles.
  10. Platforms for content developers. Promote platforms for content creators to develop their activity.

These game changers aim to transform society and economies across sectors.


  • Environment: Protein Fermentation, Green Hydrogen.
  • Healthcare: Space-based R&D, Bioprinting, Environmental Intelligence
  • Privacy Policy: Cookie-busting ads, Differential privacy.
  • Financial Independence: Creator Platforms, Owning-a-Piece-of-Anything.
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