It is a tool to help thousands of students from 3rd year of ESO to 2nd year of Baccalaureate in the professional guidance and decision-making processes about their vocational options, offering updated information to the Students and the Network of Counselors of the Centers of the network Orion.

We want to create a functional observatory for consultation, report generation and research, collecting aspects related to the evolution of the professional interests of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students and facilitating a better match between the supply and demand of academic and professional training that helps to alleviate the current imbalances between the demand for employment and the training offer.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques for data processing, they will allow, analyse and obtain relevant information in the field of professional guidance and make the Observatory a national benchmark.

The use of these techniques will also enhance the research work through the use and flow of users within the platform described.