Dao ioon 5.0

Have you ever thought about joining with a group of people to buy a work of art or be part of a company or project where your contributions are rewarded with a percentage of ownership?

And… Why are we asking you this?

Because IOON expands its scope by penetrating the Blockchain industry through a collaboration to create a DAO through Smart Contract and focused on the global asset management industry.

A DAO is a community working together to accomplish a mission; decisions are made solely by the members of the community and each member has the ability to vote.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are based on blockchain and the rules of the game defined within smart contracts, which are code scripts that perform a given action based on an event.

This feature makes this type of organizations enjoy greater transparency.

This type of organization is born from an objective to be achieved. Members work together to create, capture and share value in relation to a shared mission.

The main goal may be to solve a problem, generate value or simply buy something.

The main reason why we are writing about DAOs today is because they are, no more and no less, a decentralized venture capital investment fund, i.e. there is no manager or group of managers that centralize (and monopolize) their management.

In the world of DAOs, governance is understood as the inclusion of all members in decision-making; a horizontal governance structure is sought.

This is achieved through tokens that represent your participation in the organization. These are known as governance tokens.

These tokens have an economic value and generally the way to obtain them is by buying them in some exchanges or receiving them as a reward for contributions you make to the organization.

The more tokens a person has, the more involved he/she is in the project and, therefore, the more voting power he/she will have.