Profitec. Renal Oncology Prostate

We also have a project such as renal oncology in phase 4 that can be adapted to prostate oncology. Mobile application and web development for medical staff / development for the control of neuro-oncology medicated patients. By identifying biomarkers, and monitoring them using smart bracelets, we are able to evaluate healthy habits of oncology patients, …

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VRAL: Cognitive Rehabilitation. Ictus

Through the use of VR devices and the design of concrete cognitive experiences, IOON is helping to develop a rehabilitation solution for patients who have suffered neurological damage. State-of-the-art virtual reality viewer. Treatments adapted to the needs of the patient Developed by specialists in neurological rehabilitation and physios.

On-Site Patient Monitoring

Monitoring and follow-up of patients in the plant. We have projects that monitor the biomarkers of patients to monitor their vital signs in real time.
dron asistencial

Assistive Drone

Care cycle: We develop software which facilitates the implementation and operation of the entire care cycle from notification to assistance to the person. Geopositioning: geopositioning and locating the person. Sensors: Sensors implanted in the wearable that activates the drone and, through proximity sensors, approaches the patient. Cartography: The drone recognizes through this technology the terrain …

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AR of Wind and Solar Parks

Visualization of wind and solar farms prior to their construction. Information display in real time. Real-time simulations in order to obtain the maximum and minimum performance.
Sensores en ganadería

Sensors In Livestock

Design and manufacture of sensors. Sensorization in livestock farms for quality control of milk production. Humidity Sensors Control Silos Sensors Livestock Control Sensors We are experts in image recognition software and treatment through artificial intelligence.

5.0Room IoT

Smart room in hospitals Optimization of resources through the use of sensors and automations allowing the generation of statistics for later use. Integrated into applications with alerts, notifications and information in real time.


iHTS: DIGITAL TWIN FOR HOSPITALS The iHTS project was one of IOON's first hospital innovation projects. By means of the instrumentation of the different aspects of a hospital, and a remote application for its registration, it was possible to define one of the first hospital digital twins in Madrid. The project included indoor location through …

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Oximeter / Pulse Oximeter

Design and manufacture of electronics and software. 3D Printing + Electronics Device that is located in the ear and that measures the oxygen saturation in the ear lobe. By means of a Bluetooth® signal, the device sends the collected data to a mobile application specifically designed for easy and adequate management of said data. The …

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video ioon

Video Analytics

Use installed CCTV systems to analyze, track and process video images to translate images into useful data for further processing.