Dao ioon 5.0


Have you ever thought about joining with a group of people to buy a work of art or be part of a company or project where your contributions are rewarded with a percentage of ownership? And... Why are we asking you this? Because IOON expands its scope by penetrating the Blockchain industry through a collaboration …

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control voz

Ictus Health Watch

Proyecto para la detección precoz de ictus. El control y seguimiento médico a pacientes con alta probabilidad de sufrir un ictus es ya una realidad en uso en un gran hospital de la Comunidad de Madrid.   Gracias a nuestro wearable el seguimiento y control médico es posible en remoto y la obtención de datos …

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Prototype. Ictus Neuronal Helmet

Prototype to detect stroke in the ambulance using DOPPLEERR+ IIA + Historical CT to correlate the blood in the veins of the brain and try to intervene to reduce stroke time.

Profitec. Renal Oncology Prostate

We also have a project such as renal oncology in phase 4 that can be adapted to prostate oncology. Mobile application and web development for medical staff / development for the control of neuro-oncology medicated patients. By identifying biomarkers, and monitoring them using smart bracelets, we are able to evaluate healthy habits of oncology patients, …

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