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Dao ioon 5.0


Have you ever thought about joining with a group of people to buy a work of art or be part of a company or project where your contributions are rewarded with a percentage of ownership? And... Why are we asking you this? Because IOON expands its scope by penetrating the Blockchain industry through a collaboration …

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OON Watch

The first wearable in Spain by and for the medical community. Our extensive experience in health solutions supports us to undertake a new project that detects and controls the health parameters of patients and that, unlike the wearables that are marketed, will be aligned with the medical community. That is, it will help doctors to …

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Mobile application and web development for medical / development staff for the control of neuro-oncological medicated patients. By identifying biomarkers, and controlling them using smart bracelets, we are able to evaluate healthy habits of cancer patients, improving their quality of life. Improvement in the day-to-day of the patient thanks to healthy lifestyle / practices. An …

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Sperantia app


Speranita is a multiplatform application for personalized psychological assistance for patients developed by IOON in conjunction with the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Through triage and decision trees, we can assess the psychological state of patients. Due to the psychological impact caused by the pandemic on the population, a team of researchers from the Universidad Pontificia …

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Geomir is developed with beacons technology that automates the access of people so that from decision-making areas there is control of capacity etc. Success story: AMIR. Academia AMIR es la referencia a nivel nacional para la preparación de opositores MIR con el mejor método y profesores.  
Dren app

Dren App

Aplicativo móvil para el control de drenajes post-operatorios  hospitalarios  efectivo de pacientes mediante visión artificial e inteligencia artificial. Mobile application for the effective control of hospital post-operative drainage of patients using artificial vision and artificial intelligence. Created and developed from a hackathon and is currently in use. The use of drains in surgical interventions is …

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covid e-health

I am + COVID 19

We are currently developing a specific solution for sanitary and epidemiological control in collaboration with universities, knowledge centers and public administrations. Soy + integrates solutions for epidemiological management in the field of public health as well as individual health control through the mobile application. Different solutions have been developed for both monitoring and patient monitoring: …

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control voz

Ictus Health Watch

Proyecto para la detección precoz de ictus. El control y seguimiento médico a pacientes con alta probabilidad de sufrir un ictus es ya una realidad en uso en un gran hospital de la Comunidad de Madrid.   Gracias a nuestro wearable el seguimiento y control médico es posible en remoto y la obtención de datos …

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Prototype. Ictus Neuronal Helmet

Prototype to detect stroke in the ambulance using DOPPLEERR+ IIA + Historical CT to correlate the blood in the veins of the brain and try to intervene to reduce stroke time.


It is a tool to help thousands of students from 3rd year of ESO to 2nd year of Baccalaureate in the professional guidance and decision-making processes about their vocational options, offering updated information to the Students and the Network of Counselors of the Centers of the network Orion. We want to create a functional observatory …

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