Alberto Gomez

Alberto Gómez-Escalonilla

CEO/ Owner

Isaac Martin

Isaac Martín Asín

Key Account Manager

Susana Gomez

Susana Gómez Martín

Human Resources Manager

Alfredo Lopez

Alfredo López López


Alvaro Taboada

Alvaro taboada lópez

innovation project Manager

Pilar Herreras

Pilar Herreras Barrios

Finance Manager

Francisco Quintero Rivera

Global Systems administrator

David Gomez

David Gómez

Human Resources Management

Maria Ferre

María Ferre Sanz

Digital Marketing Manager

Paloma Leoz García-Castellón

Human Resources & Talent

Maite Cabra

Maite Cabra García

Finance / Controller

Paula Enwistle

Paula Entwistle Mille

Project Manager & Talent Management

Karo Abgaryan

Karo Abgaryan

Talent acquisition partner

Diana Rivas

Diana Rivas Iglesias

Talent/Quality Management

Marta Alonso

Marta Alonso Monsalve


Luis Peinado Cordoba

Innovation Engineer

Luis Adrian Quiroz Florencio

Mobile Developer

Alberto Hernando Sanz

biomedical engineer

Jesús Izquierdo Romero

Full Stack Developer

Yonti Lemar Testa

BackEnd Developer

At IOON we believe in a conscious development based on movement as an element to create and develop new techno programmes that are longer lasting. To this end, through the combination of CSR and resilience (the capacity to renew, reorganise and resist or anticipate changes in the environment), we conceive the possibility of generating a new type of company oriented towards the creation of sustainable value, understood as value that lasts over time and involves the simultaneous creation of economic and social value for all stakeholders.

To achieve this new objective, the company must develop new competencies and skills, integrate the various stakeholders in management and build alliances with all sectors of society, seek sustainability along the entire value chain, and face the modification of its principles, culture and corporate governance structure to orient its strategy towards the creation of shared value and resilience.

This is the IOON team. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.